Monday, April 17, 2017

Rollercoaster Ride #2

I found so much help and joy building this site for bringing Clay home that I had to build a special site just for Molly, too.

Here is the site:

Miss Molly

Monday, June 13, 2016


Today is a day of new things. Today is the day!! Today, we start Rollercoaster Ride # 2!!! This time we are bringing home a little girl.  She will be coming home from China in time. We are extremely excited!!!! We also have to find us a house of our own. We are looking!! We have a deadline and December 9, 2016 is the day. I have a lot to do and a lot of weight I want to lose. I am also going to be finding ways to raise and earn money for this process of adoption!! My mind is racing in circles and it may seem a jumbled mess even in typing things out, but for now that is ok. As this process progresses things will get jumbled, straightened out, and then tangled only in the end we will be bringing home a daughter and a sister for Clay. Clay has been asking for a sister for so long now that it seems surreal that it is finally happening. We are all so excited!!! Please join us once again on another ride, another country, another child!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My BIG Birthday Gift

Clay's 4th birthday is Monday, February 14th and he got his gift from us early. School is keeping me busy and I really wanted to see him get his gift. We had been paying on this for a long time and waiting for this birthday. It was installed Thursday so would have it for the celebration of his birthday,which he has been telling me what he wanted. He wanted it at the place where the slide and swing was(where we bought this gift from) and he wanted a Thomas Cake and a pinata. Well, he got it all. We are having it at home with family and friends invited. He wants s'mores and Matt and I are going to either put it in the plans for tomorrow night or Sunday before all go home, over a bonfire. I am going to make and decorate the cake, get the pinata ready and then hoping Linda can still help us get the party set up!!! I will post more pics after the party and my Chem exam. After coming in from getting his big gift, Clay said, "I love my big ol' Gift!!!"

Clay's expression as he saw his playset for the first time!!!!

My "big ol' gift"

Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Year

Our year has been very, very difficult. On April 27th, circumstances occured that took me in to the pits of depression and fear and took a while to come out of it. God was good. He lifted me up and I was able to continue with the plans that had already began to be put in place. Then a little over a month ago it was cleared up.
June 2010, I started back to college. This time I am going for my BSN. I am hoping a praying to get in to the School of Nursing in August 2011.
October 28th, Clay pitched a temper tantrum in the bathroom at the Waffle House in Lagrange GA and the workers there called the police, who in turn called DFCS and they came out to investigate. The lies told that night to get DFCS and the police there were horrendous for someone they don't know. The social worker tried to be nice but she insulted us on many occasions. I dont know if it was just her being totally clueless about adoption or what but she really needs to be trained in how to word her questions. We were asked if our adoption was legal? and told she would need proof it was. She then asked if we had any kids? Kids, well I wanted so bad to ask her if we didn't have any kids she wouldn't be there and if Clay was a ghost. I didn't. I kept my cool!! Proof was simple I showed her his MO birth certificate. If she had wanted anything else I was going to give her our attorney's name in MO and she could talk to him. The question she meant with if we had any kids was if we had any biological children and I told the truth there. It is over of course nothing was found to indicate anything and his school attested to that also. Needless to say we will not sit foot in any Waffle House again.
Matt's back is not healing as fast we thought it would and he is still on a muscle relaxer and nerve medication. It is normal the doctor said because it could take up to two years for the nerves to heal and the muscles can take a long time to that was messed with during surgery. He is able to lift Clay for now, but as he keeps growing that will be curtailed to as eventually the weight limit will get to much. Other than Clay no bending, lifting, twisting again. Matt still suffers pain but so much less than before and he has the feeling back in his legs.
Clay is a Daddy's boy!!!! Daddy has to do everything for him Mommy wont work. I think the only time he really wants me is when I first get home from school and when he gets hurt or sick or wants something to eat. That is ok. He is learning from his Daddy how to be a man and how he is to treat Mommy and other girls.
On the fun side of things, Clay saw and played in the Atlantic Ocean in Florida in June for the first time. Later in the year we went to Savannah for a short trip and he enjoyed climbing the lighthouse on Tybee Island with his Daddy and playing in the ocean again before heading home. He even got to see the boats on the Riverwalk.
October we went Orlando for the 1st Annual Guatfest and had a blast. All he wanted to do was swim and play in the pool. At the pool party on the last night, He even tried to kiss a girl.
I have finished the year with one B in Microbiology and A's in statistics, chemistry 1, and lab. Thus having a 3.5 GPA. Nursing entrance exam was passed with an 89.57 overall.
Thanksgiving was spent at my parents house.
Last Saturday, December 11 we went to the parade and then to Westville. Clay's favorite part of that day was playing around a tree downtown and meeting Father Christmas at Westville and eating ginger bread and drinking apple cider.
December 12th we were back at my parents for Jacob's birthday party.
Yesterday was spent with a friend of Matt's we havent seen since leaving St Louis.
Our plans for this week is busy!!! I have to go grocery shopping for Christmas, a few last minute gifts and start getting things ready for Christmas lunch. Wednesday up to my parents to celebrate my neice Maggie's 1st birthday and then Thursday is cooking for our Christmas lunch here the stuff I can. Friday, back to my parents for Christmas Eve and then back here for Christmas Day. Our friends, Linda and Shaun, will be coming for lunch and then we are hoping to take Clay to Fantasy in Lights that evening.
New traditions will begin, continuation of some and hoping to have a great rest of the year. If you dont hear from me again till next Year have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.